Proofreading Emails The Proper Way

All that you have written has to be proofread and even short emails should also be included. This is to avoid any careless error you when sending out emails. There are many common mistakes people do just by sending emails and to avoid them, you should proofread your messages. Here are a few tips to lessen the errors in your emails.

1. Names
A person’s name is very personal and very important to them that is why you should double or triple check the spelling. They will appreciate it if you get to spell their name correctly because even the same name has different versions when it comes to its spelling. You should also take note of any abbreviations that organizations used and only use them if they are also recognized by the company as their own abbreviation for their name.

2. Time and Dates
To make sure about the date, take a look at your calendar. Your computer can be automatically sync to program the time and date it is depending on your location. In addition to this, time and dates that you set for future meetings or conferences should also be checked. Identify the time zone your recipient is in so that you can sync it with your current time. This prevents confusion that happens with different time zones. You can also just place the time and time zone so that the recipient does not get confused.

3. Hyperlinks
When your email has hyperlinks, you have to be sure to test them and make sure they open in the right page. Your links should also be related to your message and you should not place it there just because you want others to click on it.

4. Read each sentence from the last until you reach the first
Find the last sentence in your message and read it, then go to the second to the last sentence and so on and so forth until you reach the first sentence. In this way, you get to proofread the message, sentence by sentence. You also disconnect the sentences from each other so that you can check if each sentence makes sense on its own. It is also a way for you to focus on each word of each sentence.

5. Double check your attachments
If you have attached any other document to your message, make sure that it is really there. Try to reopen it and make sure you are sending the right one. It would also greatly help if you named your attachments in relation to what it is. Don’t forget to mention the file names of the attachments so that the recipient will know which ones you mean to send to them.

With these tips, you can now proofread your own emails. You won’t really need the help of proofreaders if you follow them. But if you still doubt about the credibility of your work, you can hire others to proofread for you. Make sure that you read proofreaders review so that you will know whom to hire.